Dongfeng D9 Asphalt spraying truck


Main parameters of Dongfeng D9 Asphalt spraying truck

Cabin: Dongfeng D9

Engine: Cummins 190HP

Gearbox: Fast 8

Asphalt Tank: 6000-8000 liters

Main usage of Dongfeng D9 Asphalt spraying truck

Asphalt spreader refers to a tank-type special operation vehicle equipped with thermal insulation container, asphalt pump, heater and spraying system for spraying asphalt; it can also be defined as a kind of liquid asphalt spraying hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, residual oil, etc. It can be widely used in road construction, urban roads, airports, port terminals and reservoirs; large-capacity asphalt distributors can also be used as asphalt carriers, mainly used for asphalt penetration method surface treatment, penetration , sticky layer, in-situ mixing of mixtures, asphalt stabilized soil and other construction and maintenance projects.


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