ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck



ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck

Vehicle Name ISUZU 4X2 4-5 Ton Dump Truck
Engine Power &
Engine Model 4KH1CN6LB
Engine Brand Isuzu (China) Engine Co., LTD
Fuel Type Diesel
Displacement / Power 2999ML88KW/120PH
Engine Type Natural aspirated, liquid cooling, 4 cylinder inline
Emission Stand Europe II
Fuel tank capacity (L) 90
Number of speeds, 5 Forward, 1 Reverse
Chassis Chassis Type QL1070BUHAY
Wheelbase (mm) 3360
Drive Type 4X2
No. of Axles 2
Cab seats 2
Max Speed(km/h) 95
Tire 7.00R16LT 14PR
Tire No.'s 6
Service Brake Compressed air brake
Parking Brake Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Air Condition Yes
Weight & Dimension
(With dump box)Weight & Dimension
(With dump box)
Curb Weight(kg) 3700
Rated Weight / load(kg) 3470
Overall Dimension(mm) 5700×2060×2250
(length ×width×height)
Upper Structure
Cargo box dimension(mm) 3700×1850×800
(length ×width×height at side)
Cargo box Capacity 5.8cbm,
Material of cargo box Q235B high quality carbon steel
Thickness of cargo box Bottom 4mm, side 3mm
Oil cylinder 90#, at bottom middle of cargo box.
Loading medium Ordinary goods, not including iron ore


A dump truck is a special vehicle used for transporting and unloading materials. Its role is to remove the loaded cargo from the vehicle without the need for additional unloading equipment or manual involvement. The following are the main features of the dump truck:

  1. Automatic unloading: The dump truck is equipped with the unloading mechanism, which can realize the fast and automatic unloading process through the control of the operator. This greatly improves transportation efficiency and saves human resources.
  2. Large capacity: The dump truck usually has a large loading capacity and can adapt to various transportation needs. The chassis structure design makes it possible to tilt up and down, which increases the effective loading space and improves the loading effect.
  3. Strong adaptability: The dump truck is suitable for all kinds of sites and road conditions, and can be transported and unloaded under different terrain and environmental conditions. For example, dump trucks can be used in construction sites, mines, ports and other occasions where large quantities of materials need to be transported and unloaded.
  4. Easy operation: The operation of the dump truck is relatively simple, only after a certain degree of training, the driver can skillfully manipulate and control. In addition, the dump truck is also equipped with some safety devices, such as brake system, protective guardrail, etc., to ensure the safety of the driver and operator.

It should be noted that the use of dump trucks should comply with the relevant traffic rules and operating norms. In the transportation process, it is also necessary to carry out reasonable load control according to the specific situation to ensure a safe and stable transportation and unloading process.

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