Water Tank Truck training and recommendation seminar


On September 7, 2023, water tanker truck training meeting at Chengli Industry Park.

As one of China's leading specialized vehicle manufacturers, Chengli Group announced today the launch of a brand-new training program, the "Specialized Vehicle Grand Classroom," at Chengli Business School for the autumn of 2023.

Water Tank Truck training and recommendation seminar

The aim is to further enhance the professional competence of the sales team, ensuring outstanding performance in the upcoming peak season battle of "Golden September and Silver October" while guaranteeing the achievement of the annual production value target.

The "Specialized Vehicle Grand Classroom" program will span two months and include both theoretical coursework and practical hands-on demonstrations.

Water Tank Truck training and recommendation seminar

The inaugural class, held on September 7th, focused on the functions of water-sprinkling vehicles, operational demonstrations, product advantages, and marketing strategies.

Students had the opportunity to personally experience the operation of Chengli's water-sprinkling vehicles and gain in-depth insights into their applications across various industries.

Water Tank Truck training and recommendation seminar

Chengli Group is committed to delivering high-quality training to strengthen the skills and professionalism of the sales team.

Through the "Specialized Vehicle Grand Classroom" program, they aspire to equip sales representatives with additional tools and knowledge to effectively navigate the fiercely competitive market environment.

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