The Spring Annual Gala of Chengli Group


On February 4th, 2024, the Chengli Group hosted a grand Spring Annual Gala to bring all employees together to celebrate this joyous occasion. The purpose of the gala was to recognize the outstanding performance of employees over the past year, as well as to enhance team cohesion and inject new vitality into the new year.The Spring Annual Gala of Chengli Group

First, the leadership of the Chengli Group delivered a passionate speech, reviewing the company's brilliant achievements over the past year and expressing heartfelt gratitude to all employees for their hard work. Following that, outstanding employee representatives took the stage to share their work insights and growth experiences, inspiring everyone present.The Spring Annual Gala of Chengli Group

Next came the exciting awards ceremony. After rigorous selection, a group of outstanding employees stood out and won various awards. They were recognized as Best Salesperson, Best Team, Best Newcomer, and more. In a warm ovation, leaders presented the winners with honorary certificates and generous prizes, acknowledging their outstanding accomplishments in their work.The Spring Annual Gala of Chengli Group

The Spring Annual Gala of the Chengli Group has come to a successful conclusion, not only allowing employees to feel the warmth and care of the company's larger family, but also further inspiring everyone's enthusiasm for work and creativity. In the new year, the Chengli Group will continue to uphold the "people-oriented" philosophy, providing employees with a broader development platform and better benefits, and jointly writing an even more brilliant future.The Spring Annual Gala of Chengli Group

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