The mayor of Suizhou visited Chengli Group


The mayor of Suizhou City Sent New Year Greetings to Frontline Workers and Promoted the High-Quality Development of Chengli Automobile Group.The mayor of Suizhou visited Chengli Group

Led by Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Keke, city leaders visited Chengli Automobile Group on February 17th, the eighth day of the Chinese New Year, to offer New Year greetings to frontline workers and gain insights into the company's operations, providing strong support for the high-quality and stable development of the enterprise.

At Chengli Automobile Group, the delegation was warmly welcomed by company leaders and employees. The delegation first visited the production line, gaining a detailed understanding of the company's production processes, technological innovations, and product development. After listening to the company's achievements in recent years and plans for future development, Mayor Keke highly praised the company's accomplishments.The mayor of Suizhou visited Chengli Group

Subsequently, Mayor Keke and his delegation engaged in friendly exchanges with frontline workers, inquiring about their work and living conditions and extending New Year greetings to them. He emphasized that frontline workers are a crucial force in the development of the enterprise, and their hard work and dedication are key to driving high-quality development. He encouraged employees to continue to uphold a pragmatic and innovative spirit, striving for excellence and contributing more to the company's growth.

During the visit, Mayor Keke also conducted a thorough understanding of the current difficulties and challenges faced by the company and addressed them on the spot. He stressed that the city and district governments will continue to support the development of enterprises and create a better business environment for them. He hoped that the company can seize opportunities, ride the wave, and achieve higher-quality and more sustainable development.The mayor of Suizhou visited Chengli Group

This visit not only demonstrated the Suizhou Municipal Party Committee and Government's high attention and support for enterprise development but also brought warmth and blessings of the New Year to the company's employees. Chengli Automobile Group stated that they would seize this opportunity to further strengthen internal management, improve product quality and service levels, and make greater contributions to promoting the high-quality economic development of Suizhou City.

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