Special-purpose Vehicle Exhibition For Foreign Frade And Economic Integration Development


On October 12, 2023, in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, a grand special-purpose vehicle exhibition for foreign trade and economic integration development was held.

The exhibition brought together a total of 157 special-purpose vehicles,showcasing five major categories including emergency,logistics, environmental sanitation, cultural tourism, and hazardous chemicals.

This exhibition served as a prominent showcase for the high-quality development of the special-purpose vehicle industry in Suizhou City.

Chengli Group, a leading enterprise in Suizhou's special-purpose vehicle industry,actively participated in this exhibition, displaying their remarkable achievements in the field of special-purpose vehicles in recent years.

The various types of special-purpose vehicles on display at their booth were eye-catching and demonstrated the company's technical strength and innovative capabilities within the industry.

During this exhibition, Wang Junfeng, the Secretary-General of the Suizhou Automotive Industry Association,stated, "Our environmental sanitation special-purpose vehicles produced in Suizhou occupy more than 80% of the domestic market share.

Our emergency special-purpose vehicles have the highest market share ranking in the comprehensive category.

Hazardous chemical special-purpose vehicles hold a dominant position in the national market.

We hope that through this exhibition, we can further implement the dual-cycle strategy both domestically and internationally, seize opportunities for the 'Belt and Road' development overseas, and further increase the export market share of Suizhou's special vehicle industry, specializing in high-quality and innovative products."

The exhibition venue was crowded with enthusiastic visitors, showcasing a strong interest in Suizhou's special-purpose vehicle industry.

Numerous participating companies and industry professionals engaged in discussions and explored the future directions of the industry.

The successful organization of this special-purpose vehicle exhibition provided an important platform for Suizhou City's special-purpose vehicle industry to demonstrate its strength and expand its market, contributing positively to the development of foreign trade and the economy in Hubei Province.

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