Water Tanker

1. Introduction of water tanker

Water tanker, we call it water truck for easy and some other names like water bowser, water transport truck, water vehicle, water cart, water sprinkler...it's a truck mount a water tank or we say a water tank mounted on a truck chassis, and equipped some water spraying equipments like nozzles, water cannons, fog cannons, ... powered by the water pump.

2. Functions of water truck

For a water truck, it is used to transport and supply water for some people or some place as the most usage, and some other times to be used spraying water itself, including for the road/street surface flushing, watering for trees and gardens in the city, and some others for anti dust, cooling hot weather, pesticide spraying...

3. Classification of water truck

By brand,

Dongfeng Water Truck, Howo Water Truck, Shacman Water Truck, Isuzu Water Truck, JAC Water Truck, Foton Water Truck, FAW Water Truck,

Informations of different brands of water trucks: << Read More>>


By tank capacity,

2000 liters water truck, 3000 liters water truck, 5000 liters water truck, 8000 liters water truck, 10000 liters water truck, 12000 liters water truck, 15000 liters water truck, 18000 liters water truck, 20000 liters water truck, 25000 liters water truck, ...

By function,

Basic water transport & supply;

Drinking water transport & supply via 304-B stainless steel materials

Front flushing & rear water spraying and water cannon on rear platform;

Fog cannon system on rear platform for dust suppression / pesticide spraying/ ...

Water fire fighting truck with a fire fighting pump

4. Main components of water truck

From the above water tanker drawing you can clearly see the component of it, and the exact names by No. below:

1. Chassis 2. Water Tank 3. Manhole 4. Side Spray Nozzle 5. Sprinkler Gun 6. Rear Spray Nozzle 7. Rear Working Platform 8. Side Protective Fence 9. PTO (Power Take Off) 10. Water Pump 11. Front Spray Nozzle 12. Pipe Barrel


5. Special functions of water truck

Basic spraying

water truck function: front water flushing, for road/street cleaning

water truck function: rear side water spraying, watering for trees & gardens

water truck function: rear sprinkler Gun, for far distance watering

water truck function: rear spraying, for road watering

Front water cannon

Fog cannon on rear platform

This is the fog cannon systems mounted on the water truck, for the distance spraying from 30 meters to 150 meters far away. All controlled in the cab by remote handset.

Lifting sprinkler boom

This is another type of Lifting sprinkler boom mounted on the water truck, which used to anti dust for the trucks or trains pass away.

Drinking water

For drinking water, it is a high standard of materials requested, like the 304-b stainless steel and related pump and pipe systems. (Common water trucks, it is made by the general carbon steels.)

Water Fire Fighting

It's a water truck which mounted with the fire pump for a better & more powerful water spraying. The fire water pump is 100% same we use as the fire trucks, so the effect can be the same as a fire truck, just the difference is it's only for water spraying. We call it water fire fighting truck.

Conclusion, water truck is a basic and common truck we can see in the market but there are many usages for our daily life or service our daily life around. You can have a better understanding about it from above if you want to buy a water truck from China.







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