Garbage Compactor Introduction


一:Garbage Compactor Truck Introduction

  1. Usage of garbage compactor truck

garbage compactor key parts

Compactor garbage truck is also called a rear-loaded compressed garbage truck, which is a new sanitation vehicle that is collected, transfers to transport garbage to avoid secondary pollution. With the rear load filler and trash or garbage bucket, combine into a flow garbage transfer station, and achieve a multi-bucket-free non-pollution cycle collection and clearing. Effectively prevent the collection and transportation process, the secondary pollution caused by flying ashes.

2. Main parts of compactor garbage truck

garbage compactor key parts

二:Garbage Compactor Truck Working Principle

Upstructure operation is controlled by electricity, gas, hydraulic joint control, through "electrical control system controls air control system", and then controls the hydraulic valve group "operation by" air control system controlled the hydraulic valve ", and the multi-channel valve is controlled by each action, carrying garbage The complete workflow of the above / compressed / unloading.

The main cylinders of the middle of the box are extruded to the effect of compressed garbage and unloading, two cylinders on both sides of the filler, and the filling of the filler operation, the cylinder joints are equilibrium valves, and the two cylinders are uniform. Lifting balance, in case of special circumstances, there is a locking cylinder to protect the filler will not suddenly fall, and ensure the safety of the operation.

Two cylinders in the filler control the skateboard, two cylinders control scrapers, operates, and extruded waste, there are two cylinders to control the filler upper flip mechanism.
There are 4 types of the above-flange: fluttering, small triangle, big landing, swing arm. The turning frame / small triangle strip can optionally be selected, the big landing / swing arm belongs to the charge option. If you add two leg cylinders to the optional swing arm, ensure the balance of the vehicle body when loading and unloading garbage.

During the loading of the garbage, the resulting sewage will be collected in the filler or under the sewage tank under the box.

三:Garbage Compactor Truck Configuration and Functions

1. Four kinds of upper agencies:

Different users can choose different fluckkery institutions according to different garbage collection methods.

China garbage compactor truck
A. Turn bucket flip (can hang iron bucket, plastic bucket, etc.);

B. Turning fluttering; (add-on optional)

C. Save arm flutter (adding dumping, garbage fight);

D. Small triangle flutter. (Standard option)

2. Control methods of garbage compactor

China garbage compactor truck

The car control system uses the advantages of electric control, gas control and hydraulic control. Through the "Electronic Control System Control Physical Control System", the "gas control system controls hydraulic valve group" operation, improve the use of stability and work efficiency.

3. Control Systems of garbage compactor

garbage compactor key parts

A, PLC electronic control system

Integrated control, the control circuit is generated in the PLC, and the logic loop guarantees that each operational command is executed in order, and it is ensured that each operational command is interlocked, and only a line connection is limited, and the fault incidence is reduced, avoiding accidents caused by mistakes. Improve reliability.

B, CAN electronic control system

CAN is a category of fieldbus, which is a serial communication network that effectively supports distributed control or real-time control.
In order to adapt to the need to "reduce the number of wire harnes", "high-speed communication through multiple LANs, high-speed communication"
The CAN bus has high communication rate, easy to implement, and cost-effective.
Dust, waterproof, panel easy to change, long service life.

4. Single pump and double pump

China garbage compactor truck

A, Single pump
Advantages: single pump, stable performance, low maintenance rate, and the price is cheap. Disadvantages: Small motivation, only one action, low work efficiency, slower than the double pump.
B, Double pump
Advantages: The double pump has two oil ports, which can operate two actions simultaneously, the double pump, high work efficiency, high supply, strong heat dissipation, long working hours
Disadvantages: The purchase price is relatively expensive and the maintenance cost is high.

5. Filling mechanism of garbage compactor

China garbage compactor truck

The filling mechanism consists of a sheet of a skateboard, a blade, and slides by a slide plate.
The linkage of the slider performs a hand-type operation to press the garbage in the hopper into the box and squeeze;
The padding hopper uses high strength steel, strong, wear resistant, strong structure, light weight, long service life.

Basic introduction
The whole vehicle is a full-sea seal type, using a machine, electricity, liquid integrated technology, a joint automatic control system, a special device such as a compartment, a fill, a shovel, a scraper, a skateboard, and the garbage is poured, crushed or flattened , Strong filling, put the garbage into the compaction and shirking. The sewage during the compression process enters the sewaged, and solves the secondary pollution in the process of garbage.
Features: The garbage collection is simple, efficient, automatic repeated compression, and peristaltic compression, high compression ratio, high load automation, dynamic, environmental protection, high use efficiency.

Schematic diagram of compactor

China garbage compactor truck

6. Sewage box of compactor truck

China garbage compactor truck

The filling mechanism causes sewage generated during the rubbish in the hopper into the box; collect the sewage box below the pad, and the sewage produced by the main box is collected under the sewage box under the box, and the secondary pollution is eliminated.

四:Garbage Compactor Truck Features and Advantages

  1. High intelligence operation of garbage compactor

Handmaphone mode, one-click operation, simple and convenient, high work efficiency. (Optional Remote Control) CAN Control System / PLC Integrated Circuit Control.

There is a strengthening of ribs on both sides of the vital portion of the vital portion; the durability is durable; there is a sewage box under the bodies / rear films, which will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

The cabinet is made of cold bending seamless folding process, and the hydraulic pipe is combined with a cold bend seamless tube and a high-temperature explosion-proof tube. The large diameter aluminum alloy hydraulic pump, large flow rate, fast heat dissipation, high pressure value.

The body uses large manufacturers with high-strength withstand voltage steel plates, anti-corrosion anti-rust, and vehicle use environmentally friendly antioxidant paint, long service life.

The slider uses a polymer wear-resistant material. The main shovel has a perimeter compression function, and the internal waste of the car is bidirectionally compressed, the compression ratio is high, which can collect more domestic garbage.

2. Strong resistance of garbage compactor

China garbage compactor truck

3. Environmentally friendly pollution

China garbage compactor truck

The compressed garbage truck is in a closed state during compression filling and transportation. A unique sewage valve is installed on the sewage box, which is reliable and is not easy to block. The fill is completely covered with the filling of the filler, eliminating the phenomenon of trash dusting flying, and the appearance is more beautiful. (Can be installed with pneumatic sealing cover)

4. Safe and secure

China garbage compactor truck

Hydraulic lifting safety loop. A unidirectional balance valve is used in the hydraulic system of the lifting pad. The valve guarantee: the filler is smoothly lifted / drop. Also partition: the direct connection of the tank and the hydraulic oil pipe, prevent the tubing burst fills from falling, and improve the safety in the operation.

5. Diversification, selective

China garbage compactor truck

五:Garbage Compactor Truck Common Problems

The compressed garbage truck is mainly used in urban roads, urban residential districts, large communities, and transportation and other domestic garbage collection and transportation. A garbage truck will inevitably have some problems during long-term use.
Common faults and solutions for compressed garbage trips: (for reference only)

1. Hydraulic system is free of pressure or low pressure
"The power stripper is not hung,
"Hydraulic oil has impurities, multiple valve blockages
"The connection is infiltrated, the pressure is not enough."
"The pressure preset is not enough, the factory is 16 MPa, up to 21 MPa

2, the striker is not in the file
"The air pressure is not enough idle time to reach 7-8 pressure

3, the oil pump does not have oil or insufficient flow
"The fuel tank filter is blocked, it needs to be cleaned or replaced

4, gear pump noise, pressure fluctuation
"The gear pump is serious, and the gear pump and hydraulic oil are required at the same time.

5, gear pump is extremely extreme
"The fuel tank switch is closed, the oil does not enter the pump
"After a long time, it is not closed when it is not used, causing too high oil temperature.

6, multiple-way valve blocks do not reset
"Oil Taigun
"There is a problem with the electric control valve" cylinder screw loose misplaced

7, multi-channel valve leaks serious
"Multi-channel valve screws / oil seals cause oil leakage
"The wear is serious, it is possible to replace

8, multiple-way valves can not adjust or stabilize system pressure
"To clean the relief valve or replace

9, a one action lack
"Do not reset multiple valves, basically the same situation

10, the push shovel is too fast or too slow
"Influence of pressure, or slide deformation nylon slider damage caused by high speed reduction

11, work cycle too fast or excessive
"Increase the speed of the electric control throttle, the speed of electric control adjustment can be used

12, completely no action
"The power strike is not working,
"The power control is working, and the electric control is not working (circuit failure)

六,Garbage Compactor Truck classifications

  1. Brand:

Dongfeng Garbage Compactor Truck, Foton Garbage Compactor Truck, Isuzu Garbage Compactor Truck, Howo Garbage Compactor Truck, FAW Garbage Compactor Truck, Shacman Garbage Compactor Truck, JAC Garbage Compactor Truck, ...

2. Capacity:

2000 liters Garbage Compactor Truck, 3000 liters Garbage Compactor Truck, 5000 liters Garbage Compactor Truck, 8000 liters Garbage Compactor Truck, 10000 liters Garbage Compactor Truck, 15000 liters Garbage Compactor Truck, 20000 liters Garbage Compactor Truck, ...

3. Drive:

Left hand drive Garbage Compactor Truck, right hand drive Garbage Compactor Truck, all wheels drive Garbage Compactor Truck, 4x2 / 4x4 / 6x4/ 6x6 Garbage Compactor Truck,

4. Wheel / Axles:

4 wheels Garbage Compactor Truck, 6 wheels Garbage Compactor Truck, 10 wheels Garbage Compactor Truck, 12 wheels Garbage Compactor Truck, 2 axles/ 3 axles/ 4 axles Garbage Compactor Truck,

5. Other names of Garbage Compactor Trucks

Here are the basic names of China & the World which calling the Garbage Compactor Truck: Compactor Truck, Compressed Garbage Truck, rear loading garbage truck, Refuse Compactor truck, waste Compactor truck, ...



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