Shacman L3000 dump truck to Armenia


Destination country: Armenia

Truck Brand: Shacman L3000 Truck Chassis; Chengli dump body

Model: CLW5180SMDT3

Order date: 2022.02.05

Deliver Date: 2022.03.30

Quantity: 3 unit

Name: Shacman L3000 dump truck

Material: Q235-carbon steel

Note: 3 units Shacman L3000 dump truck to Armenia, these all are high standard dump truck s same as our domestic market.

Shacman L3000 dump truck also we can call it Shacman L3000 tipper truck, this is for the transport of sand, stone, mud...such construction materials.

Armenia is a middle asia country, which there will be a long way to drive from China to Armenia via Horgos port to Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan then transfer to Armenia.

Short video of the deliver video of Shacman L3000 dump trucks


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