Shacman H3000 water fire fighting truck


Destination country: Ethiopia

Truck Brand: Shacman H3000 Truck Chassis; Chengli fire fighting truck body factory

Model: CLW5250SHFT5

Order date: 2022.05.20

Deliver Date: 2022.07.10

Quantity: 1 unit

Name: Shacman H3000 water fire fighting truck

Material: Q235 Carbon steel, 15000 liters tank, CB10/40 fire pump

Description: 1 unit Shacman H3000 water fire fighting truck to Ethiopia.

Shacman truck is famous in nowadays world customers, not only in China but also in Africa. And the same brands you can see everywhere in Africa are Dongfeng, Howo, Shacman...

As Shacman fire truck, here today you see is a full water fire fighting truck, and others there are water and foam fire fighting truck, and dry powder (carbon dioxide) fire fighting truck...all are bought by the fire department.

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