New Year’s greetings-Chengli 2022


New Year's greetings-Chengli 2022

New Year's greetings-Chengli 2022New Year's greetings-Chengli 2022

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd.

---2022, New Year's Greetings


Dear company's all cadres and families:


"Timing alternate, Vientiane update". On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the Board of Directors and Operations of Chengli Group Corporation have worked hard to work hard in the past year! And wish you a smooth job in the upcoming new year, good health, happy family, good luck!

In 2021, even if we face a macroeconomic decline, the export market is blocked, the raw materials have increased significantly, and the new crown epidemic will have many difficulties, but under the strong leadership of the board of directors of the group company, we focus on "Automotive Manufacturing, Chassis Marketing, Quality Improvement, Standardized Management" Work, finally chemically changed, have achieved good operating results and management results, output value, production, chassis sales, taxation, and exchange capital, etc., exceeding the annual plan, more than the same period of last year, and refreshed again Cheng Li 17 years old. At present, the Chengli Group ranked 373 Chinese private enterprises, the 4th place in Hubei private manufacturing industry. The achievement of these achievements is the result of more than 10,000 employees not afraid of danger, tenacious hardships, and struggle together. Thank you soon!

"Hundred Years of Giant Variable Cunning, National Rejuvenation Forever" Chengli Group will adhere to the stability of the title, steady and advance, the Group's largest subsidiary program is to achieve 9.1 billion yuan, and to 10 billion sprint, we must work hard to do the following:

First, pay close attention to the decomposition and implementation of the annual target. It is fully served to loosen, support the reform of the joint-stock system, improve the performance appraisal system, and stimulate the production enthusiasm of employees. The second is to promote the high quality development of the company. It is necessary to upgrade product quality as the main line, complete the construction of electrophoresis production lines, accessories production lines, welding robots, and put into use as soon as possible, block the source of quality problems. The third is to regulate the development model of the grouping platform. Support member enterprises to develop differentiated development, doing big doctors to make stable and provide better service. The fourth is to create a chain of upstream industrial chains. It is necessary to establish a direct accessory factory in order to rely, enabling the supplies from the supply rate of more than 90%; continue to do automotive financial services, play the role of the bridgehead of the environmental resource company; start a new development project such as photovoltaic power generation, industrial tourism, beautiful rural areas. The fifth is to reduce the complaint. To improve the complaint management system, establish a collaborative linkage, rapid response mechanism, and reduce customer complaints to the most reasonable range. Six is ​​a comprehensive implementation of "People 's Heart Project". To get more feelings, happiness, and belonging to the employees through the means of transfer, pay the salary, form a community.

Difficult and fruitful, do new articles. In 2022, Zigong is a one-year year. In the past year, the year, I hope that all cadres workers will carry forward the results, overcome instructions, ride the wind and waves, and go forward, together for the "quality encyclopedment, new height, platform model development Breakthrough "and strive!

"Creating a common wealth platform, creating a hundred years of beauty," !

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