Isuzu Water Truck



INTRODUCTION of Isuzu Water Truck

Isuzu Water Truck is a water tank which mounted on a Isuzu brand truck chassis, then we call it a Isuzu water truck. Isuzu China company (Qingling) makes the truck chassis, and we Chengli company makes the water tanker, and then in our Chengli water tank factory to assembly them together to be a whole truck.

Also we call it Isuzu water bowser, Isuzu water sprinkler, Isuzu water vehicle, Isuzu water tanker, Isuzu water transport truck, Isuzu water truck trailer,...


CLASSIFICATION of Isuzu Water Truck

  1. By Model: Isuzu 100P water truck, Isuzu 600P water bowser, Isuzu 700P water truck, Isuzu FTR water truck, Isuzu FVR water truck, Isuzu GIGA water truck, ...
  2. By Tank Capacity: Isuzu 3000 liters water truck, Isuzu 5000 liters water truck, Isuzu 8000 liters water truck, Isuzu 10000 liters water truck, Isuzu 15000 liters water truck, Isuzu 20000 liters water truck, Isuzu 30000 liters water truck,...
  3. By Driving: Left hand Drive, Right Hand Drive (No, at present), 4x2, 4x4/4wd, 6x2, 6x4, 8x4
  4. By Axles: 2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles
  5. By wheels: 4 wheels, 6 wheels, 8 wheels, 10 wheels, 12 wheels, ...


Popular Isuzu water trucks in the market

  1. Isuzu 100P water truck, mostly it's for a 3000-4000 liters water tanker.

Isuzu 100P water truck

2. Isuzu 600P water truck, for a 4000-6000 liters water tank

Isuzu 600P water truck

3. Isuzu 700P water truck, 6000-8000 liters water tanker

Isuzu 700P water truck

4. Isuzu FTR water truck, 10000 - 15000 liters water tanker

Isuzu FTR water truck

5. Isuzu FVR water truck, 10000 - 15000 liters water tanker

Isuzu FVR water truck

6. Isuzu GIGA water truck, 15000 - 20000 liters water tanker

Isuzu GIGA water truck

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