Isuzu road sweeper & vacuum trucks to Philippines



Destination country: Philippines

Truck Brand: Isuzu KV100 Truck Chassis; Chengli sweeper truck body & vacuum tank factory

Model: CLW5080ISST6, CLW5080ISVT6

Order date: 2022.07.25

Deliver Date: 2022.08.10

Quantity: 2 unit

Name: Isuzu road sweeper truck & Isuzu KV100 vacuum truck

Material: Q235 Carbon steel

Description: 2 unit Isuzu KV100 trucks to Philippines

These two Isuzu trucks are for our old customers from Philippines.

For a better solvement of the living area garbage problem and a better living enviroment, the end user buy these two Isuzu trucks. One (street sweeper)is for the street/ road surface ashes cleaning and garbage collection, another (vacuum truck) is for the dredge of sewage pipes underground. All these two models garbage trucks are a must tool/ truck in nowadays city development. There are many people living together in a community, and as a result the garbage treatment is a problem. How to solve this problem in an efficient way, this is a public and worldwide problem. The morden and machanical working method will and should be a better way. We need learn more from the developed countries and hope there will be more better garbage trucks to serve our worldwide countries and people.

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