Isuzu KV100 sewage and jetting truck


Isuzu KV100 vacuum sewage and jetting truck

Brand:  Isuzu KV100

Engine: 4KH1CN6LB/120HP

Emission:  Euro 6

Drive:  4x2/ LHD

Tank: 3000 liters sewage tank + 1000 liters water tank

Pump: vacuum sewage pump & high pressure water jetting pump

Usage: Flushing, dredging, dirt suction, reverse discharge function...

The main use of sewage suction trucks is to dredge the sediment in urban sewers, pipes and dirt in dead corners, and can also be used to clean pipe walls. Sewage suction truck is a sanitation vehicle that collects, transits and transports sludge and sewage.

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