Isuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truck


Isuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truck

ISUZU FVZ 20,000L water truck detailed specifications:

Item Water Tank Truck Chassis Brand ISUZU



GVW(kg) 25000 Overall Dimension (mm) 9630×2500×3300
Curb weight (kg) 11325 Steering Wheel LHD
Wheelbase (mm) 4650+1300 Driving Type 6*4


Engine Brand ISUZU
Model 6HK1-TCH Emission Standard Diesel, Euro 5
Horse Power(hp) 300 Displacement 7790
4 stroke,6-cylinders in line, water cooling
Gear Box 9 speed, Manual



Max Speed 95 (km/h) Front Axle 2015
Cab Seat 3,2 Rear Axle 1830
Spring 11/10 Front Suspension 1320
Tire No. 10 Rear Suspension 2360
Tire 11.00R20 Approach Angle 13
Axle No. 3 Departure Angle 12


Special Function

Water tank 20000L

Tank parameter

1. Tank Thickness 5/5/3.5mm, Carbon Steel
2.Nozzle Sprinkling Width ≥14m

3.Range of water cannon ≥28m

Standard configuration Chassis, sub frame, carbon steel water tank, manhole, water pump, front/side/rear spray nozzle,rear working platform,water cannon,fire valve, water valve, filter gauze,water hose, climbing ladder.

Selective configuration

stainless steel/aluminum alloy water tank,insulation layer for water tank,stainless steel water pump, fire pump, fire gun,pesticide plate, cabin gas control operated, Honda pumps, lights, crane, hanging basket, rear spraying device, barrel pesticide spraying device, gasoline pesticide machine, diesel pesticide machine, LED arrow lights

Extended model

water transporting truck, thermal insulation water transporting truck, drinking water tank truck, liquid food truck, fire water tank truck, pesticide spraying truck,and etc.

More pictures of Isuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truck

Isuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truckIsuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truck

Other description of Isuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truck

Isuzu water tank truck, also we call it Isuzu water bowser, Isuzu water sprinkler, Isuzu watering truck, Isuzu water supply truck, .... many names, but for all that is a mobile service water tank with front & rear flushing, rear platform with water cannon, pump in & pump out functions, easily supply water from one place to another.

Isuzu FVZ water truck is a basic model of isuzu water trucks for big water capacity from 15000 liters, 16000 liters, 18000 liters, 20000 liters to 22000 liters...

Isuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truckIsuzu FVZ 20000 liters water truck


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