Isuzu FTR 5000 liters mixer truck


Isuzu FTR 5000 liters mixer truck

1. Brand: Isuzu FTR

2. Engine: Isuzu 4KH1-TC50 / 205HP

3. Drive: 4x2/LHD

4. Mixer Tank Capacity: 5000 liters

5. Loading: 6-10 tons

6. Origina: China

Description: Isuzu FTR mixer truck is a small capcity mixer truck, other larger ones are 8000 liters, 10000 liters, 12000 liters, 14000 liters, and the chassis we should choose large models like Isuzu FVR, Isuzu GIGA...6x4 & 8x4 chassis...

Isuzu mixer truck also called Isuzu concrete mixer, Isuzu concrete truck, Isuzu concrete mixer truck, Isuzu mixer, Isuzu 5 tons mixer truck...

There is one Isuzu factory in China, we call it CHina isuzu Qingling motors. Fot this Isuzu mixer truck, we choose/ buy Isuzu FTR chassis from the above factory and we make the mixer tank body in our mixer factory and assemble them all together.

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