Isuzu 600p drinking water truck to Philippines


Isuzu 600p drinking water truck to Philippines

Destination country: Philippines

Truck Brand: Isuzu ELF 600P Truck Chassis; Chengli stainless steel tank factory

Model: CLW5080ISWTT5

Order date: 2022.08.12

Deliver Date: 2022.09.28

Quantity: 6 units

Name: Isuzu ELF 600p drinking water truck

Material: Q345-2B, stainless steel

Description: 6 units Isuzu 600p drinking water trucks to Philippines

Drinking water truck(also called potable water truck) is different from general water trucks, this is for higher requirements of the tank, which we use food grade stainless steel for the tank, and stainless steel water pump and pipe line system.

This time, there are all together 6 units isuzu drinking water truck to our Philippines customer.

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