Howo off road 4×4 awd truck chassis


Howo off road 4x4 awd truck chassis

Brand: Sinotruk Howo

Engine: WD615.62/ 266HP, WD615.87/ 290HP, WD615.47/ 371HP

Drive: LHD/RHD/4x4

Cabin: HW76

Axles: STR/7.5 tons + ST16/16 tons

Tyre: 12.00R20 / 6+1 pcs

Wheelbase: 3800/ 4300/ 4600/ 5200mm

Description: Howo off road 4x4 awd truck chassis, as the special/strong power in off road conditions, it can be used in many specified/ compliticated enviroment, so the trucks can be: Howo awd fire truck, Howo off road water truck, Howo forest fire truck, Howo 4x4 truck with crane, Howo 4x4 rescue truck, ...

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