Foton Fuwo 4×2 15000 Liters Water Truck


Foton Fuwo 4×2 15000 Liters Water Truck Foton Fuwo 4×2 15000 Liters Water Truck Foton Fuwo 4×2 15000 Liters Water Truck Foton Fuwo 4×2 15000 Liters Water Truck Foton Fuwo 4×2 15000 Liters Water Truck

Vehicle Name Foton Fuwo 4×2 15000 Liters Water Truck
Brand Foton
Engine &
Engine Model ISB170-33
Engine Brand Dongfeng Cummins Diesel Engine
Fuel type Diesel
Emission Standard Euro III
Rated speed 2500rpm
Driving type Manual
No of transmission gears 6 Forward, 1 Reverse
Chassis Chassis Type BJ1185VLPEN-FA
Drive Type 4X2
No. of Axles 2
Cab seats 3
Max Speed(km/h) 90
Tire 100R20
Tire No.'s 6
Service brake type Compressed air brake on rear wheels
Parking brake type Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Air condition Yes
Basic information Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 18000
Curb Weight(kg) 11320
Payload (kg) 7680
Wheelbase(mm) 4500
Overall Dimension(mm) 8150×2500×3200
(length ×width×height )
Tank Capacity 15 cbm,
Tank material 4mm of carbon steel
Anti wave board 2 set, equally devided into 3 parts with flow hole
Fire hydrant connector 2 sets
Suction pipe 2 nos, each 4m length
Spraying width (Front and rear) 15 m
Spraying range (high pressure gun) 25 m
Suction lift (pump with pipe) 7 m


1, Water truck used for sanitation fire fighting operations

The main use of the sanitation Water truck is to carry out sanitation fire fighting operations in the city, mainly to the city's road surface fire, to the highway next to the green belt fertilization, is one of the most common uses of the Water truck.

2, Water truck used for cooling operations

When the weather is hot, the Water truck plays the most important role, is one of the essential tools for cooling, through the Water truck to the road, the community, the site to fire, play a role in reducing the temperature.

3, Water truck used as dust removal operations

Water trucks can deposit dust and small particles in the air when extinguishing the fire, increase the impurities in the air that harm the human body, which is bad for the health of the human body, and play the role of dust removal, such as some small dust sites, cement plants and other dust environments, at this time the Water trucks mainly play the role of dust removal.

4, Water truck used as garden greening operations

Water truck used as landscaping, which is also the main use of the Water truck, because the water cannon of the Water truck is fixed into columns, heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, and after sprinkling, high shower, can grass roadside, residential areas, parks and other green belt flowers and trees, washing the dust on the tree, very suitable for landscaping operations.

5, Water truck is used as a temporary fire operations

The Water truck can help the fire truck to land together in emergency situations, saving time and increasing losses, because the high Water truck cannon of the Water truck can be rotated 360°, adjusted into a columnar range greater than 30m, and has a fire module.

6, Water truck is used for drought transport water operations

Water shortage in the northwest of China is quite serious, and Water trucks can be used to transport water to areas with urgent water shortage resources, alleviate the drought and bring many conveniences to people's lives.

7, Water truck used for pesticide dumping operations

The Water truck that needs to dump pesticides belongs to the multi-functional Water truck, which mainly installs a set of pesticide dumping device on the working platform after the ordinary Water truck, which is suitable for a large area of pesticide dumping operation.


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