Foton Aumark sweeper truck


Foton Aumark sweeper truck

1. Brand: Foton Aumark

2. Engine: ISF2.8s5148T/ 148HP

3. Drive: 4x2/LHD/RHD

4. Tank Capacity: 5000 liters

5. Loading: 4-5 tons

Description: Foton Aumark sweeper truck, also called road / street sweeper, It's also a garbage truck that collect garbages in the street or on the road. With high and effective working ability, it has been more and more popular in the market.

There are several basic models of sweeper truck and including functions of sweep, suction, flushing...with different sizes and brands.

We are the biggest special truck manufacturer in China, there is one workshop that main make these models of sweepers. We can make the sweepers under customers special requirement. Please contact us for the best solutions of your garbage project.

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