FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck


FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck

Vehicle Name FAW Jiefang 4×2 4-5 Ton Refrigerated Truck
Brand FAW Jiefang
Engine &
Engine Model D25TCIF1
Engine Brand Kunming Yunnei Power Co.,Ltd
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement (ml) / Power 2499ML 110KW/149PH
Emission Standard Euro VI
Number of speeds 5 Forward, 1 Reverse
Chassis Chassis Type CA1040K6L3E6B
Drive Type 4X2
No. of Axles 2
Cab seats 3
Max Speed(km/h) 95
Tire 7.00R16LT 10PR
Tire No.'s 6
Service brake type Compressed air brake on rear wheels
Parking brake type Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Air condition Yes
Basic information Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 4495
Curb Weight(kg) 3210
Payload (kg) 1090
Wheelbase(mm) 3360
Overall Dimension(mm) 5995×2260×1800
(length ×width×height )
Upper Structure
Tank Dimension(mm) 4060×1800×1800
(length ×long axle×short axle )
Van box Capacity 13cbm
Van box Material The floor is made of anti-slip stamped aluminium plate.
Metal skeleton, the inner wall is made of stainless steel, the outside wall is made of glass fiber plate,
inner sandwitched with 80mm thickness of extruded polystyrene foam.
Van box edge Aluminum alloy edges and corner,
Van box door Stainless steel locker, stainless steel door frame. One side door on the left or right
Light Energy saving lights in side of Van body
Refrigeration unit Zhengheng
Temperature Range -5 , -20 ℃
Loading medium Normal foods etc

1.Preservation capacity:refrigerated truck is equipped with special refrigeration equipment and temperature control system, which can provide suitable temperature and humidity environment, effectively extend the freshness period of refrigerated goods, and maintain the freshness and quality of goods.

2.Versatility:The refrigerated truck can not only be used for food refrigeration transportation, but also for the transportation of medicines, cosmetics and other items that need constant temperature preservation, and has strong applicability.

3.Safe and reliable: refrigerated truck adopts high-quality structural design and materials, with good durability and impact resistance, which can protect refrigerated goods from the influence and damage of the external environment.

4.High transportation efficiency: refrigerated trucks can provide customized cargo space, which can adapt to the transportation needs of different scales and different types of refrigerated goods, and effectively improve transportation efficiency.

5.Strong flexibility: refrigerated trucks can be customized and modified according to specific needs, such as increasing partitions,adjusting temperature areas, etc., to meet the transportation requirements of different goods.

6.Environmental protection and energy saving: Refrigerated trucks use energy-saving and environmentally friendly refrigeration technology to reduce energy consumption and emissions, and are environmentally friendly.

7.Increase market competitiveness: Having refrigerated trucks can meet the transportation needs of refrigerated goods,help enterprises provide more perfect logistics services,and enhance market competition.

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