Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck


Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck


Vehicle Name Dongfeng Frika 4X2 3 Ton Dump Truck
Brand Dongfeng Frika
Engine Power &
Engine Model 4100QB-2
Engine Brand Kunming Yunei power Enterprise co,. Ltd
Fuel Type Diesel
Displacement / Power 3298ml / 66.2kw, 90HP
Engine Type Natural aspirated, liquid cooling, 4 cylinder inline
Emission Stand Europe II
Fuel tank capacity (L) 90
Number of speeds, 5 Forward, 1 Reverse
Chassis Chassis Type EQ1060TJ20D3
Drive Type 4X2
No. of Axles 2
Cab seats 3
Max Speed(km/h) 90
Tire 7.50R16 Radial tyre
Tire No.'s 6+1 spare
Service Brake Compressed air brake
Parking Brake Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Air Condition Yes
Weight & Dimension
(With dump box)Weight & Dimension
(With dump box)
Curb Weight(kg) 3550
Rated Weight / load(kg) 3000
Wheelbase(mm) 3,300
Overall Dimension(mm) 5850×2200×2200
(length ×width×height)
Upper Structure
Cargo box dimension(mm) 3850×1900x800 or can be adjusted for height
(length ×width×height at side)
Cargo box Capacity 5.8cbm,
Material of cargo box Q235B high quality carbon steel
Thickness of cargo box Bottom 4mm, side 3mm
Oil cylinder 90#, at bottom middle of cargo box.
Loading medium Ordinary goods, not including iron ore


Dump truck is a kind of engineering vehicle specially used for transporting and unloading materials, and its advantages and functions mainly include the following aspects:

1,Improve loading and unloading efficiency: The dump truck has a built-in unloading device, which can unload goods quickly and conveniently, saving labor and time costs. Compared with ordinary transport vehicles, dump trucks can complete loading and unloading tasks more quickly.

2,Adapt to the unloading needs of a variety of materials: the dump truck can be used to transport various types of materials, such as sand, soil, construction waste, etc., with high flexibility and adaptability. Different dump trucks can also be specially designed to meet the unloading needs of different materials.

3,Increased loading: Since the dump truck uses a unloading device, it can make better use of the compartment space and stack the goods higher and closer, thereby increasing the loading capacity. This can save transportation times and costs for projects that require large amounts of materials to be transported.

4,Reduce human labor intensity: When the dump truck is used for unloading, the manual participation is less, which reduces the labor intensity and risk of workers. At the same time, the dump truck unloading speed, can reduce the waiting time of workers.

5,Improve road conditions: dump trucks are more adaptable to all kinds of complex roads than ordinary vehicles in the transportation process, and can improve road conditions by using technical means such as efficient suspension systems and powerful engines to improve off-road capabilities.

In general, the dump truck has the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility and cost saving, and is widely used in construction engineering, mining, railway, road construction and other industries, which provides convenience for the transportation of materials.

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