Dongfeng Chassis Overseas Promotion Conference


On December 7, 2023, the 2024 Dongfeng Overseas Specialized Vehicles New Product Launch Event was successfully held at the Cheng Li Group. This event was jointly organized by Dongfeng Motor Corporation's Import and Export Company and Cheng Li Group.

During the launch event, Mr. Yang Tao, Assistant General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation's Import and Export Company, delivered an insightful speech. He first welcomed the leaders and guests present, expressing gratitude to those who supported the development of Dongfeng's overseas business. Mr. Yang mentioned that in recent years, thanks to the support of national policies for the export of medium and heavy-duty trucks and the increasing demand along the Belt and Road for such vehicles, the industry has maintained high-speed growth for three consecutive years. He anticipated that in 2023, China's export of medium and heavy-duty trucks would reach 300,000 units, achieving significant growth. Meanwhile, China's automotive exports have surged in recent years, with an expected total of 4.5 million vehicles this year, surpassing Japan and becoming the world's largest exporter. All of these factors provide solid confidence for China's automotive industry to expand into international markets.

Mr. Cheng Aluo, Chairman of Cheng Li Automotive Group Co., Ltd., also delivered an important speech during the launch event. He welcomed the leaders and guests present, expressing his gratitude to them. He mentioned the deep friendship established with Mr. Yang Tao during his tenure as a key leader at Dongfeng, and the thorough understanding of Cheng Li's sales system and model. Therefore, when Mr. Yang Tao assumed a key leadership position at the China Dongfeng Import and Export Corporation, he immediately thought of valuing Cheng Li Automotive Group, valuing its market in Suizhou, and providing substantial support to Cheng Li Automotive Group in the export of chassis vehicles.

Mr. Cheng Aluo stated that last week, Cheng Li Automotive Group received two major awards, the Special Vehicle Sales Contribution Award and the Best General Manager Award, at Dongfeng Group's 2024 Partner Conference. This has made them feel a significant sense of responsibility. In the future, Cheng Li Automotive Group will strengthen the promotion of the Dongfeng brand, develop more specialized vehicles with the advantages of Dongfeng chassis, and make a due contribution to the market share of Dongfeng commercial vehicles in the domestic and international specialized vehicle markets.

During the launch event, Mr. Wu Yonggang, Director of Overseas Marketing Department of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Heavy-Duty Products, gave a detailed introduction to the characteristics and advantages of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle's medium and heavy-duty specialized vehicle chassis, including Dongfeng Tianlong flagship, Dongfeng Tianlong Tianjin, gas vehicles, new energy models, drone trucks, and autonomous driving technology. He stated that Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle will continue to strengthen its partnership with Cheng Li Automotive Group, jointly explore overseas markets, and provide customers with high-quality products and services.

The successful hosting of this launch event demonstrated the strong capabilities and good cooperation between Dongfeng Motor Corporation's Import and Export Company and Cheng Li Group. It also laid a solid foundation for the deep cooperation between the two parties in the field of specialized vehicles in the future. We believe that in the future development, Dongfeng Motor Corporation's Import and Export Company and Cheng Li Group will work together to promote China's specialized vehicle industry to the world, creating even more brilliant achievements.

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