Brand Dongfeng Captain

Engine Power &Transmission

Engine Model JE493ZLQ3A

Engine Brand JMC

Fuel Type Diesel

Displacement / Power 2771ml / 75kw, 102HP

Engine Type Water-cooled four-stroke in-line supercharged intercooled common rail

Rated Speed 3600rpm

Torque 285N.m

Emission Stand Europe Ⅱ

Fuel tank capacity 76L

Number of speeds 5 Forward, 1 Reverse Chassis

Chassis Model EQ1041S3CDF

Dimension (LxWxH) 5850×2200×2200

Chassis Weight(kg) 2030

Wheelbase (mm) 3308

Drive Type 4X2

No. of Axles 2

Cab seats 3

Max Speed(km/h) 103

Tire 7.00R16 Steel Wire Tire

Tire No. 6+1 spare

Track width F/R (mm) 1521/1494

Front/Rear suspension 1040/1497

Appr/Dep Angle (°) 24/13

Leaf Spring No.s 6/5

Service Brake Compressed Air brake

Parking Brake Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels

Air Condition Yes
Weight & Dimension (with cargo)

Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 4495

Curb Weight(kg) 2560

Rated Weight / load(kg) 1750

Wheelbase(mm) 3,308

Front/Rear suspension 1040/1497

Appr/Dep Angle (°) 19/13

Ground Clearance (mm) >=220

Overall Dimension(mm) (length ×width×height) 5850×2200×2200

Upper Structure Configuration

Cargo(length ×width×height ) 4105×2050×400

Cargo box Capacity 3.4 cbm

Cargo box Material Corrugated iron tile

Cargo box edge 1.5mm corrugated board

Cargo box door 3mm alloy plate

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