Dongfeng bulk feed truck to Mozambique



Destination country: Mozambique

Truck Brand: Dongfeng Kingrun Truck Chassis; Chengli bulk feed tank factory

Model: CLW5180DFBF3

Order date: 2022.05.10

Deliver Date: 2022.06.06

Quantity: 2 unit

Name: Dongfeng bulk feed trucks

Tank: Q235 Carbon steel, and 24000 liters capacity

Description: 2 unit Dongfeng bulk feed trucks to Mozambique.

As the development of africa, most factories are seeking the better and more higer working efficient ways, same like the breeding factory. They (breeding company boss) have already changed into the new modern breeding ways like the automatic breeding line machines, full auto loading & unloading of feed transport trucks... which give them more savings.

Dongfeng 24000 liters bulk feed trucks above are for our Mozambique customer, to enhance them to be high & more efficient than other competitors.

Usage of Dongfeng bulk feed truck:

To transport of bulk materials like bulk feed, bulk beans, Cereals, Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Sesame, Rapeseed, Peanut, ...




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