Dongfeng 20000 liters 20 ton garbage truck


Main parameters of Dongfeng 20000 liters 20 ton garbage truck

Cabin: Dongfeng Kinland

Engine: Cummins C260

Gearbox: FAST 9JS119T

Axles: Dongfeng DENA front 7T+rear 10Tx2

Tire: 11.00R20

Garbage capacity: 20000L

Description: This is the new Dongfeng Kinland 3 axles garbage truck, which the chassis is made by Dongfeng chassis company, anf agrbage truck body made by Chengli garbage truck factory. Other name we call it Dongfeng rear loader, Dongfeng garbage truck, Dongfeng garbage collector, Dongfeng waste truck, Dongfeng 20 ton garbage truck, Dongfeng 20000 liters garbage truck...


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