Dongfeng 153 garbage truck to Angola


Destination country: Angola

Truck Brand: Dongfeng Truck Chassis; Chengli garbage tank body

Model: CLW5160DFGT3

Order date: 2022.04.18

Deliver Date: 2022.05.15

Quantity: 1 unit

Name: Dongfeng 153 garbage truck to Angola

Material: Q235 Carbon steel,

Description: 1 unit Dongfeng 153 garbage truck to Angola

Dongfeng 153 is a classical truck chassis/ model from China, it has a history of nearly 50 years. As the development, nowadays we still see it in some places as it's cheap cost and classical model.

Dongfeng 153 garbage truck is a cost effective model garbage truck made by Chengli company. It owns a Cummins engine with a power of 190 horse power in Euro 3 emission, which is suitable for many africa countries, also include the right hand drive truck countries.

Dongfeng 153 garbage truck here we say the compactor garbage truck, the tank capacity is 10000 liters (10 tons) with a full hydraulic control system in hand control and remote control models.

The other names of this Dongfeng 153 garbage truck we can say are some like Dongfeng 153 refuse truck, Dongfeng 153 compactor, Dongfeng 153 waste truck, Dongfeng 153 garbage collection truck, Dongfeng 10 tons garbage truck, Dongfeng 10000 liters garbage truck, Dongfeng rear loader truck...

Angola, Located in southwestern Africa, the north neighbor Congo (cloth) and Congo (Gold), the east of Zambia, the south of Namibia, and the Atlantic in the west. As the developement of Angola, there are more and more requirement of this type of garbage trucks in this country. Some other trucks we can sell in Angola including: water truck, sewage truck, tanker truck, fuel truck, truck with crane, wrecker truck, aerial platform truck, dump truck, cement mixer truck...

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