Dongfeng 10000 liters fuel tank truck to Kenya



Destination country: Kenya

Truck Brand: Dongfeng Truck Chassis; Chengli fuel tank body

Model: CLW5160DFFT3

Order date: 2022.04.28

Deliver Date: 2022.05.28

Quantity: 3 unit

Name: Dongfeng 10000 liters fuel truck to Kenya

Material: Q235 Carbon steel,

Description: 3 units Dongfeng 10000 liters fuel truck to Kenya

This is the classical Dongfeng 145/ 153 cabin model fuel truck, which there are many years history in China and well accepted by our customers. It's cheap and with high cost effective.

These fuel trucks are special customized for Kenya market, the main features are right hand drive, and second these all are full wheels drive (awd/4x4) requested by end user for the off road conditions.


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