Chengli Snow Removal Vehicle Exerts Its Powerful Strength


Chengli Group's aviation turbine snow-blowing vehicle is an advanced equipment specifically designed for ice and snow removal operations on highways. The appearance of this vehicle is similar to a van, but it is equipped with four nozzles on the front and sides, and is equipped with an aviation engine as its "heart". Through technical research and development, diesel has replaced aviation kerosene, making it better applicable to ice and snow removal operations on highways.

This snow-blowing vehicle has a maximum thrust of 8.8 tons, equivalent to the power of a Category 12 typhoon, and consumes 2 tons of fuel per hour. On the battlefield of ice and snow removal, it is a deserving "pathfinder". At the snow removal site on the Luoyang section of Hanshi Expressway in Zengdu District, Suizhou City, this snow-blowing vehicle demonstrated its powerful strength. The ice and snow on the road surface were blown up instantly and scattered, and the road surface was immediately restored to cleanliness. Therefore, it was called the "Snow Blowing King" of the highway by netizens.

Chengli Group not only focuses on the research and development and production of snow-blowing vehicles, but is also one of the important enterprises in Suizhou, the capital of China's specialized automotive industry. Suizhou is one of the first batch of "national emergency industry demonstration bases". Relying on this national-level "golden signboard", Suizhou's emergency industry has developed rapidly. As an important member of the Suizhou Emergency Equipment Enterprise Joint Rescue Team, Chengli Group actively participates in domestic and international emergency rescue work, demonstrating professional rescue skills and tenacious and tough work style.

In addition to snow-blowing vehicles, Suizhou also has other types of emergency rescue "special forces", such as ice-melting vehicles, waterlogging drainage vehicles, camping vehicles, etc. These vehicles are playing an important role in domestic and international emergency rescue operations. These emergency rescue "special forces" produced in Suizhou are not only active in domestic rescue sites, but also participate in international rescue operations, demonstrating the strength and responsibility of Suizhou emergency equipment enterprises.

In summary, as an important representative of Suizhou emergency equipment enterprises, Chengli Group's advanced equipment such as aviation turbine snow-blowing vehicles has provided strong support for emergency rescue work. At the same time, the development of Suizhou's emergency industry has also made important contributions to China's emergency rescue cause.

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