CHENGLI medical supervisor & safeguard truck assist astronauts home


Today (16th) Shenzhou No. 13 first uses fast return mode, astronauts return to the earth in the track 6 months. In response to some new challenges, landing farm has conducted a number of equipment upgrades on the basis of God 12, including three medical supervisor medical insurance medical vehicles in Suzhou, Hubei.

Shenzhou No. 13 search and rescue ground detachment commander Niu Yongjin, this time, many ground security equipment, the most important equipment is to go to these three medical supervisors, return to the ground to the ground to the ground, especially his Gravity and then adapt to their medical ambulance, etc., and provide good conditions for their "post-recovery". It is understood that the new medical supervisor of the new medical supervisor, the new medical supervisor, the first-time launched in Shenzhou 13, is also health and washing facilities. There are 12 square meters in the car, which can provide a broader and more comfortable and more personal service guarantee for astronauts. .

It is understood that the manufacturer of car production and provided is the Suizhou Safety Industrial Leading Enterprise Corporation, which is 500 Chinese private enterprises, mainly producing various special automotive and firefighting, medical and other emergency protection equipment. Cheng Arro, chairman of the company, said that the company also provided emergency medical insurance vehicles for the astronaut landing, this time, the first time I offer a special new medical supervision medical insurance for the Shenzhou 13, the whole factory staff is proud.

On the 16th, Shenzhou No. 13 manned spacecraft returned to the cabin main parachute to open, space for half a year of the year, Wang Yugang, Wang Yaping, Ye Guangfu is about to return to the ground.

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