“Chengli Manufactured” Astronaut Exclusive Medical Monitoring and Support Vehicles


On October 31, the Shenzhou 16 crewed spacecraft's return capsule successfully landed at the Dongfeng landing site.

Three medical monitoring and support vehicles produced by Hubei Chengli Group safely received astronauts Jing Haipeng, Zhu Yangzhu, and Gui Haichao, providing emergency medical and rescue assistance to the space heroes.

On that day, at the Dongfeng landing site, the three medical monitoring and support vehicles manufactured by Chengli Group once again became the primary ground support equipment. With the cooperation of ground rescue personnel, astronauts Jing Haipeng, Zhu Yangzhu, and Gui Haichao successively exited the capsule and were quickly transferred to the medical monitoring and support vehicles. Inside the vehicles, they underwent status checks, gravity readjustment, and personal care, and were then transported by the vehicles to helicopters.

The medical monitoring and support vehicles are specially equipped emergency medical vehicles for astronauts, with three vehicles available for the three astronauts to travel individually. These vehicles are well-equipped, with an interior space of 12 square meters, advanced medical equipment, intelligent multi-link power supply systems, and communication devices. In critical moments, they can perform minor surgeries and are equipped with sanitary and washing facilities, providing astronauts with more spacious, comfortable, and personalized service support.

During the retrieval and recovery mission, the medical monitoring and support vehicles ensure the astronauts' safe return to the ground, gravity readjustment, and medical assistance, providing conditions for their "post-recovery."

"After multiple tests and adjustments, the technology of the medical monitoring and support vehicles has matured, and their functionality has improved," said Lu Lidong, Deputy Chief Engineer of Chengli Group. To prepare for the return of the Shenzhou 16 crew, Chengli Group dispatched technical personnel one month in advance to inspect the vehicle's condition and medical equipment, perform maintenance on the chassis, hydraulic lifting system, power supply system, water supply system, air conditioning system, and conducted multiple comprehensive drills to ensure everything went smoothly.

Chengli Group's medical monitoring and support vehicles have continuously been present at the launch and return sites of the Shenzhou 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 crewed spacecraft, providing emergency service support for astronaut crews. This demonstrates the outstanding achievements of Suizhou, the "Capital of Special-Purpose Vehicles in China," in its high-quality development process, highlighting the growing strength of Suizhou's emergency industry.

Chengli Group's Chairman, Cheng Ailuo, stated, "This is recognition of the company's technology, and all employees are happy and proud of it."

Suizhou is the "Capital of Special-Purpose Vehicles in China" and one of the first "National Emergency Industry Demonstration Bases." After over 50 years of development, Suizhou has become an industrial base with the most complete variety of special-purpose vehicles, the most distinct characteristics, the richest resources, and the highest regional concentration. The national market share of special vehicles in Suizhou has reached 15.2%.

The astronaut medical monitoring and support vehicles produced by Chengli Group have successfully completed multiple ground safety support missions for astronauts, indicating that Suizhou's special-purpose vehicle products have reached a leading level in China and even globally, contributing Suizhou's strength to the most cutting-edge manned spaceflight endeavors.

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