Chengli International Trading Co., Ltd.


Chengli Group has established an international trading company to expand its global market and deepen international cooperation.

Chengli Group's Chairman, Cheng Aro, General Manager Zhu Wu, Party Secretary Yuan Changcai, and General Manager of the Chassis Company, Liu Feng, jointly attended the founding meeting and delivered speeches.Chengli International Trading Co., Ltd.

In order to establish a comprehensive export qualification system, the organizational structure of Chengli International Trading Company has been carefully designed. Luo Qiang, General Manager of Chengli Foreign Trade Center, will serve as the General Manager of Hubei Chengli International Trading Co., Ltd., to assist the company in smooth operation and business expansion.Chengli International Trading Co., Ltd.

Hubei Chengli International Trading Co., Ltd. was established on April 16, 2024, and is a professional trading company under Chengli Group targeting global markets. The company's main business includes import and export of goods, wholesale of automobile parts, general equipment manufacturing, automobile sales, sales of new energy vehicles, manufacturing of automobile parts and accessories, solar power generation technical services, manufacturing and sales of environmental protection special equipment, motor manufacturing, sales of photovoltaic equipment and components, earthwork construction, and sales of agricultural machinery, among other areas.Chengli International Trading Co., Ltd.

Through this initiative, Chengli Group will further consolidate its position in the field of international trade, strengthen cooperation and communication with regions around the world, and lay a solid foundation for the group's long-term development.

Chengli International Trading Co., Ltd.

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