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Model Selection: Chengli High-end Sprinkler Vehicle Factory Struggles Forward, Innovates, and Continuously Improves Production and Sales Performance, Significantly Strengthening Profitability.
Under the leadership of General Manager Jin Zheng, all employees of Chengli Automobile Co., Ltd.'s high-end sprinkler vehicle factory have taken on challenging roles, actively sought progress, and achieved remarkable results. From January to mid-August, production and sales performance continued to rise, and profitability was significantly enhanced. Among them, June and July added 500,000 yuan in profits on top of the original basis, achieving a rebound in the off-peak season and earning high praise from the company's Party committee and leaders. Their outstanding experience and innovative spirit are worth learning from.
First, strictly implement the company's "one main and two secondary" development strategy for product lines of production and operation units, focusing on high-end sprinkler vehicles, striving to enhance the innovation, upgrading, and profitability of related environmental protection premium vehicles.
General Manager Jin Zheng has always insisted: "Repeatedly do simple things, seriously do repetitive things, innovatively do serious things, never forget the original intention, and row forward with determination." Under his leadership, continuous improvements and innovations have been made in various key links of high-end sprinkler vehicles, rapidly increasing net increases in product orders and exporting to Africa, the Middle East, and countries along the Belt and Road.
At the same time, the high-end sprinkler vehicle factory launched two intelligent multi-purpose compressed garbage trucks and high-end collision-resistant cleaning vehicles, which were well received by users, enhancing product competitiveness, steadily growing sales volume, and significantly strengthening profitability. They proposed the craftsmanship spirit of "offline is premium, factory is famous," requiring new products to be "spectacular on stage and explosive on the market" to enhance brand and product competitiveness and shape a new corporate image.
Secondly, strengthen the construction of grass-roots Party branches and the inheritance of red culture, focusing on the Party building work in the production and operation units, integrate excellent revolutionary traditions into each link of the workshop, and take active and ingenious measures as a breakthrough.
In the high-end sprinkler vehicle factory workshop, the strong atmosphere of Party building and red culture encourages all employees to strive forward. Even in the hot summer, all cadres and employees still firmly fulfill their posts to strive to complete task goals. They all have a common name - Chengli people.
Thirdly, take the "6S" standardization and normalization in the workshop as an entry point, inspire the spirit, unite the people, closely integrate team building with production, operation, and sales tasks, dare to tackle difficulties, and lead the team's steady development.
In the management team, the workshop directors and team leaders always implement the "6S" standardization and normalization management. They believe that "if you can't even keep your room clean, how can you clean the world?" Starting from small details, they organize the workshop site clean and tidy, and the employees' mental outlook has been completely transformed.
This young and energetic team has clear job responsibilities, and the awareness of quality, safety, and responsibility is deeply ingrained. Through publicity walls, corporate culture displays, and workshop live broadcasts, a perfect closed-loop of production and sales is achieved. At the same time, through characteristic team-building activities, team cohesion is enhanced, stimulating the combat effectiveness and execution of the wolf-like team, and establishing a spirit of daring to tackle difficulties and perseverance, leading the team's steady development.

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