Chengli Group’s New Year Donations and Snow Removal for Public Welfare


Chengli Auto Group Embodies Social Responsibility, Bravely Tackles Snowstorms in New Year, and Supports Relief Efforts with Cutting-Edge Equipment.

As the New Year dawned, Chengli Auto Group’s thousands of employees were at their busiest. Facing the dual challenges of the festive season and extreme weather, the group not only actively organized various production and operation units to seize production orders and strive for a successful start to the year, but also fulfilled its social responsibilities by organizing emergency rescue squads to participate in provincial and municipal snow removal and disaster relief efforts.

Chengli Group's New Year Donations and Snow Removal for Public Welfare

Chengli Group's New Year Donations and Snow Removal for Public Welfare

Recently, Hubei Province and Suizhou City have experienced two extreme cold spells, bringing rain, ice, and snow that have severely affected the normal lives and work of citizens. However, in this battle against the ice and snow, Chengli Auto Group has demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and commitment.Chengli Group's New Year Donations and Snow Removal for Public Welfare

The company’s chairman, secretary of the party committee, general manager, and other key leaders, while ensuring normal production, took the initiative to cooperate with the unified deployment of the Suizhou Municipal Committee and Government and the Zengdu District Committee and Government. Chengli Group Chairman Cheng Aro personally led and oversaw the efforts to win the battle against the ice and snowstorms in Hubei and Suizhou. The dedication of Chengli Auto Group’s volunteer emergency squads has been recognized and praised by all sectors of society.

Especially in the snow removal operations, Chengli Auto Group showed its strong strength. The company organized volunteer snow removal squads, divided into several small teams, and dispatched heavy-duty emergency equipment, including snow rollers, snow plows, snow and ice removal vehicles, and snow melting and spreading vehicles, to participate in the emergency response. After several days of continuous battle, Chengli Auto Group’s snow removal team, unafraid of the cold, fought continuously and successfully cleared a large amount of snow, ensuring the normal travel of citizens.Chengli Group's New Year Donations and Snow Removal for Public Welfare

It is worth mentioning that the multi-model hardcore emergency rescue vehicles and equipment produced by Chengli Auto Group have also withstood the practical test of harsh environments during this snow removal operation and received praise from the public and users. Among them, the newly developed aviation turbofan thermal snow blowing vehicle has become a star equipment in the snow removal operation. This equipment, known as the “snow blowing king”, adopts advanced technology and has the advantages of high power, fast response, high efficiency, comprehensive functions, and flexible use, providing the most effective way for snow and ice removal on roads and airports in China.

In addition to actively fulfilling its responsibilities in snow removal operations, Chengli Auto Group also donated three ambulances and medical equipment worth more than 2 million yuan to Liangcheng County, Inner Mongolia, through its subsidiary, Inner Mongolia Chengli Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., on the first day of work after the New Year, to provide strong medical support for the 14th National Winter Games. These vehicles and equipment will also escort local medical workers in the timely treatment of injured and sick personnel, demonstrating the social responsibility and public welfare spirit of Chengli Auto Group.Chengli Group's New Year Donations and Snow Removal for Public Welfare

Comrade Cheng Aro, an outstanding member of the Communist Party and the chairman of Chengli Auto Group, has always led and stayed at the forefront of emergency rescue operations during this public welfare rescue action. His actions demonstrate the broad vision and outstanding style of private entrepreneurs in the new era. Chengli Auto Group has embodied the corporate spirit of “seizing opportunities with a heart towards the party and fulfilling public welfare with courage” through practical actions, contributing to the construction of a harmonious society.Chengli Group's New Year Donations and Snow Removal for Public Welfare

In the future, Chengli Auto Group will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “people-oriented, technology leadership, quality first, and customer first”, continuously improve its strength, provide the society with more high-quality products and services, and actively fulfill its social responsibilities, contributing more to the construction of a better society.

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