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To further enhance expertise in the field of sanitation emergency equipment, Chengli Business School successfully organized a knowledge-rich training seminar on September 8, 2023, with a focus on sanitation emergency equipment vehicle models. This training covered various types of sanitation emergency equipment vehicles, including compacting garbage trucks, road sweeping vehicles, firefighting water sprinklers, and camper vans.

One of the highlights of this training seminar was the comprehensive introduction to compacting garbage trucks. Participants gained in-depth understanding of the functions and operational principles of compacting garbage trucks, as well as their critical role in urban waste management. The use and advantages of sealed garbage bins were also explained in detail, contributing to improved environmental hygiene and waste management efficiency.

The section on road sweeping vehicles was further divided into street sweepers and washing sweepers, providing attendees with detailed information about both types of vehicles. The role of sweeping vehicles extends beyond keeping urban streets clean and tidy; it also plays a significant role in improving road safety and environmental hygiene.

Firefighting water sprinklers also became a focal point of the training seminar, with participants learning about the crucial role of these vehicles in responding to fires and emergency situations, as well as their efficient water-spraying capabilities.

The introduction of camper vans generated widespread interest, especially in situations where accommodation and living facilities are needed in outdoor environments. The versatility and applicability of camper vans make them an ideal choice in special environments such as mountains, plateaus, hills, and snowy areas.

Chengli Business School has consistently been committed to providing high-quality training for sales representatives and industry professionals to enhance their expertise and market competitiveness. This successful training seminar provided participants with a unique opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the diversity and practical applications of sanitation emergency equipment vehicles, laying a solid foundation for future success and development.

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