Chengli Group is about to launch five Dongfeng semi-trailer oil tankers


On November 3, 2023, Chengli Group is pleased to announce that their latest batch of Dongfeng semi-trailer oil tankers will soon be entering the market. As one of the leading manufacturers in the domestic oil tanker truck market, Chengli Group has consistently been actively promoting excellent quality and innovative technology, and this new batch of oil tankers will continue this tradition.

Chengli Group's oil tanker series has always held a leading position in the domestic market, with their semi-trailer oil tanker sales consistently performing well. The upcoming release of five Dongfeng semi-trailer oil tankers will further solidify the company's position in the oil tanker industry, providing customers with more high-quality choices.

These new vehicle models will incorporate advanced technology and materials to enhance transportation efficiency and safety. They have exceptional carrying capacity, allowing for the stable transport of various liquid cargo in different environments, including petroleum, chemicals, and food-grade liquids. Additionally, the vehicles will be equipped with advanced safety systems to ensure more reliable road travel.

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