Chengli Group and Sanhuan Group begin new cooperation


On January 15, 2024, Sanhuan Automobile and Chengli Special Vehicle, two giants in the automotive industry in Hubei Province, China, signed a cooperation project agreement at the headquarters of Sanhuan Group. This signing marks that the two parties will work together to create a new cooperation model featuring high collaboration, clear division of labor, and deep integration, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the trillion-yuan automotive industry in Hubei Province.

At the signing ceremony, Wang Hanrong, President of the Sanhuan Group, and Cheng Aluo, Chairman of Chengli Automobile Group, witnessed this important moment together. They had a full exchange of views on expanding the scope of cooperation, enriching the cooperation scenarios, and innovating the cooperation mode.

Wang Hanrong, President of the Sanhuan Group, said that special-purpose vehicles are a characteristic and advantageous industry in Hubei Province, and Chengli Group, as a leading enterprise, has strong research and development, production and sales capabilities. The Sanhuan Group and Chengli Automobile are both key enterprises in the pillar industries of Hubei Province. The two parties should be based on the existing project cooperation, and focus on helping the province's trillion-yuan automotive industry. They should further strengthen the "three synergies" and create a new cooperation model.

First of all, we should strengthen market collaboration. The national special vehicle market produces and sells millions of vehicles every year, with stable demand and a positive trend. Both sides should strengthen information sharing, work together to enter the market, and graft resources to seize market share. By jointly exploring the market, we can leverage our respective strengths to promote the competitiveness of Hubei's special vehicle industry in the country.

Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen industrial collaboration. Sanhuan Automobile and Chengli Automobile are located at key nodes of the Hubei automotive industry corridor, with obvious geographical advantages. Both parties should strengthen communication and collaboration, form a joint force in vehicle selection, configuration matching, sample vehicle manufacturing, and vehicle announcement, so as to promote the rapid implementation and effectiveness of cooperation projects. By strengthening industrial collaboration, a pattern of close connection between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain will be formed, which will enhance the competitiveness of the entire Hubei automotive industry.

Finally, we should strengthen the advantages of collaboration. Both sides should give full play to the solid manufacturing advantages of Sanhuan and the outstanding transformation ability of Chengli, and jointly promote the upgrading of new industrialization. Through complementary advantages, we can promote the formation of new productivity, achieve the effect of "1+1>2", and inject new impetus into the upgrading and development of Hubei's automobile industry. Through advantages collaboration, we can promote breakthroughs in technological innovation, product development, brand building, etc. in Hubei's automobile industry, and enhance its overall competitiveness.

Cheng Aluo, Chairman of Chengli Auto Group, said that the company, as a whole vehicle manufacturing enterprise affiliated to Hubei Province and the largest auto parts group in the province, has made important contributions to the development of the automobile industry in Hubei Province. With its complete industrial foundation in independent research and development of complete vehicles and chassis, supply chain collaboration, intelligent manufacturing and marketing services, Sanhuan is highly compatible with the development plan of Chengli Group. The cooperation with Sanhuan on the project of special vehicles is a result of the synergy of industry, complementary advantages and geographical collaboration between the two parties. In the future, Chengli Group will closely focus on the overall situation of the development of the automobile industry in the province, and comprehensively cooperate with Sanhuan Group to jointly promote the high-quality development of the automobile industry in Hubei Province.

This cooperation will inject new vitality into the high-quality development of the trillion-yuan automotive industry in Hubei Province. By strengthening market collaboration, industrial collaboration, and advantage collaboration, the two parties will jointly create a competitive special-purpose vehicle product and service system, and promote the automotive industry in Hubei Province to move towards a higher level.

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