Chengli Aerial Truck Introduction & Promotion meeting


On September 18th, Chengli Business School hosted a highly anticipated specialized training session for aerial work platform operators, attracting numerous professionals in the field.

The training session aimed to provide comprehensive training on aerial work platforms to help participants acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, ensuring their safe and efficient operation of these crucial equipment in high-altitude tasks. Chengli Business School has consistently been committed to offering high-quality training and educational resources to the industry, and this specialized training event once again showcased their leadership in the field.

During the training session, attendees not only learned about the latest technologies and best practices in aerial work platforms but also had the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions and interactions with industry experts. This knowledge-sharing opportunity is crucial for improving safety standards and efficiency in the aerial work platform industry.

Chengli Business School's training session was a resounding success and received high praise from participants. Many attendees expressed that they greatly benefited from it and would apply the knowledge and skills they acquired to enhance the quality and safety of their work.

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