Cheng Li Group’s Commercial Truck Heavy Truck 6*6 Off-road Chassis Handover and Signing Ceremony for the Export of 200 CL2330LDJ Off-road Chassis



On November 9, 2023, Cheng Li Group held a ceremony where they completed the handover of Cheng Li Commercial Truck Heavy Truck 6×6 Off-road Crane

This event marks a further expansion of Cheng Li Group's influence in the global market, particularly in the Russian market.

The 6×6 off-road chassis is specially designed and manufactured by Cheng Li Commercial Truck for the Russian market. Its strong performance and excellent durability enable it to perform well in harsh environments and complex terrains. The chassis is equipped with a Weichai 460 horsepower national V engine, which provides powerful power output. The cab D916 is well-designed, providing a comfortable driving environment. The combination of Shaanxi Gear 12-speed gearbox 12JS200 and 300 (8+6) electrophoretic paint double-layer frame makes this vehicle more stable during driving.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with Dongfeng brand 425/85R21 tires, which provide good grip on various road surfaces. The design of the axle 6.5 tons/16 tons (speed ratio 5.73) ensures stability when carrying heavy loads. The design of the wheelbase 4600+1350mm makes this vehicle more stable during driving.

Cheng Li Group's signing of this agreement not only reflects a high level of recognition for their product quality but also further enhances their influence in the global market. The successful delivery of this 6×6 off-road chassis will undoubtedly lay a solid foundation for Cheng Li Group's further development in the global market.

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