Aerial Lifting Trucks Promotion & Training Meeting


Recently, Chengli Business School hosted:

Aerial Lifting Trucks Promotion & Training Meeting

The aim is to promote aerial lifting trucks and provide relevant training to contribute to the advancement and progress of this field.

This important event will focus on the Aerial Lifting Trucks sector, aiming to provide professionals and enthusiasts with an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the latest industry trends, technological innovations, and best practices. The event will serve as a platform for participants to engage with industry experts and practitioners, collectively exploring the future directions of this field.

Aerial Lifting trucks promotion & training meeting

Highlights of the event include:

Keynote speeches from top experts in the Aerial Lifting Trucks sector, sharing industry insights and experiences.
Hands-on training courses to help participants acquire essential skills.
Building valuable professional networks with industry leaders and peers.
Showcasing the latest industry trends and innovations.

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